Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Top 5 Designer Flip Flops Of Sole Threads For Every Women

Here we have put together top 5 designer flip flops of Sole Threads.  The flip flops that we have chosen can be for daily use.

These designer flip flops womens are comfortable and easy to wear with any outfit, and available in Pink, Lime or R. Blue. These flip flops add tons of style to your casual look, and a fun Criss-Cross Upper makes them the ideal for beach wear and fast errands. Also, soft Foot-bed to make sure maximum comfort, EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) with particular formulation manufactured in-house, to guarantee control of quality. 

Reliable flip flops in a more superb and exuberant style. Available in black, pink and sea green. The geometric prints make  these flip flops a stylish option for casual use. You can pair it with jeans and a T-shirt for a funky and cool  look. For printing, special imported inks used, followed by a Gloss top-coat to  make sure perfect finish  with durability of print.

Whether you’re strolling in the sunshine or lounging by the sea, these sleek  sandals are a must-have for exciting getaways. Available in four different hues, Blue Green, Purple Pink, Navy and Black Pink. These flip flops add heaps of style to your look.  Their sleek design combined with comfy fit.

Simple, warm weather accessories add the right amount of style to an understated look, these flip flops do the job. So, spice up your casual look with these sandals, available in two colors Navy and Gray. Featuring a sleek tone in a comfy fit, these sandals act as a perfect companion to your summer style. You'll stay safe and comfortable on all kinds of surfaces with a  firm grip outsole.

These flip flops add oodles of style to your casual look, and they function excellently as home wear, beach wear. They are available in three colors Navy, Black and Rust Orange.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Why Go For Sole Threads Flip Flop

Sole Threads flip flop have become very common in the Indian market today with a large number of people buying and wearing them for their casual wear needs. The best thing about these trendy sandals is that they are comfortable and stylish. In addition to this, Sole Threads flip flop are particularly designed to deal with foot problems like back pain, ankle pain and more.

Features of Sole Threads Flip Flips
  1. They are light in weight as well as are designed using EVA of medium flexible density with the intention of minimizing levels of stress put on legs, ankles and of course the knees.
  2. Sole Threads Flips come in all sizes and widths, making it easy for people with different footwear sizes to find the right match. Latest technology is used in designing these sandals which has been proven to medically cut down pronation (a factor that imparts to plantar fascistic and flat feet).For the aim of guaranteeing complete comfort, these Flips come with high quality materials like EVA and PVC uppers, TPR outsole with EVA footbed that makes sure that you have a great pleasure while wearing them.
  3. Sole Threads Flips come in plenty of colors that mean you can choose which compliments your needs and personality at any given time.  Royal Blue, Black, Navy, Yellow, Lime, Olive Cream, etc, are some of the eye-catching colors.
  4. Apart from colors, these come in various designs as well. For example, Hawaii, Grass, Zullu, Cork, Mafia, Bandana and more. So, go for online men’s flip flops shopping India on in order to get the best deal. Sole Thread provides men; women and kids flip flops at very affordable prices.
Why Sole Threads Flip Flops are so popular In India?
There are a lot of factors that make these sandals so popular and some of them are elaborated below.
  • These sandals provide high level comfort and as a result, people know that they can wear them the whole day without feeling any pain.
  • Besides, they can be worn when carrying out many types of activities, for example, people with aching legs, back pain or those who are looking for relief from knee complications can benefit from these sandals too.
  • Apart from this, Sole Threads sandals provide relief from heel pain and plantar fasciitis also.